Baitcasting Control Reel

Baitcasting Control Reel

Chanhone's Baitcasting Control Reel's unique design provides excellent line control and casting accuracy, allowing anglers to easily cope with different fishing environments. We hope to establish a friendly cooperative relationship with your company with high quality products, reasonable price, considerate service and create a better future hand in hand.

Product Detail

Chanhone's Baitcasting Control Reel is equipped with an advanced release mechanism that makes line casting and recovery more precise. Its design can effectively reduce line entanglement, making efficient fishing sessions more frequent and. Often used by experienced anglers as it provides a higher level of control and accuracy.  Welcome to contact us.

Chanhone Baitcasting Control Reel

Model: CK1000/CK2000
Gear speed ratio: 5.2:1
Brake force:6KG


Bearing: 5+1

Weight: 268g

Winding thread volume: 0.8 No.-150m/1.0 No.-140m/1.5 No.-120m


Bearing: 5+1

Weight: 204g

Winding capacity: 0.8 No.-130m/1.0 No.-120m/1.5 No.-100m

Chanhone Baitcasting Control Reel features
1, CNC finely carved wire cup, shallow wire cup chamfered out of the line, two-color oxidation hollow light weight.
2, chameleon gradient paint, skeletonized line shell, streamlined curves beautifully shaped.
2, full metal rocker metal grip pills, screw-in design, fast and easy to use solid.
3, wool felt piece with large unloading torque, providing 6KG brake force, adapt to various road fishing methods.
4, 5 +1 stainless steel sealed bearings, light seawater full adaptation.
5、Stainless steel spindle, brass gear rod, zinc alloy gear disc, surging power source.
6, 5.1:1 speed ratio, smooth and excellent with, accurate control of fish, thanks to the fried line.
7, teardrop type casting line is not easy to tangle line, with shaft wire gauge, long-lasting durability.
8, no gap system, a key backstop adjustment, rocker left and right interchangeable, easy to handle.

Chanhone Baitcast Fishing ReelChanhone Baitcast Fishing ReelChanhone Baitcast Fishing Reel

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