Camping Gas Stove

Camping Gas Stove

Chanhone International's Camping Gas Stove is a portable stove designed for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or picnicking. It usually uses liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane gas as fuel and has a lightweight, compact design that is easy to carry and use.

Product Detail

Features of Camping Gas Stove:

Portability: Camping gas stoves are often designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. They can be folded or assembled into a compact size that fits easily into a backpack or luggage.

Fuel: This type of stove typically uses propane or LPG as the fuel source. They can use canned gas or refillable gas cans.

Stability: In order to provide a stable cooking platform, camping gas stoves usually have a stable support structure and brackets to prevent tilting or shaking when used on uneven ground.

Adjustability: Most camping gas stoves have adjustable flame controls, allowing users to adjust the flame size and heat intensity as needed.

Durability: To handle the challenges of the outdoor environment, some camping gas stoves are made from durable materials that can withstand a certain amount of knocks and wear and tear from use.

Applicability: Camping Gas Stove can be used to boil water, cook food and perform simple cooking activities. They're perfect for food prep while camping, hiking, or out in the wild. When purchasing a Camping Gas Stove, factors to consider include the stove's size, weight, fuel type and adjustability to ensure it meets your personal needs and usage scenarios.

Chanhone Camping Gas Stove Properties

Box size:12.5*12.5*12 cm Product size:21*11.5 cm
Weight: 277 g
Kraft paper box size:12.5*12.5*12 cm
Outer box size: 62.5 X 62 X 25 CM/50 PCS
Large accessories: 11.5*10.5 cm Medium accessories: 10.5*9.5 cm Small accessories: 9.5*8.5 cm



Whether to Accept Customization


Delivery Time

1-1000pcs :30
>5006pcs:To be negotiated


1.Supply Ability:5000PCS / month
2.Port:Ningbo, Shanghai or Other Port Negotiable
3.package size:62*42*46 cm
4.Single gross weight:0.027KG
5.Packaging Weight:26KGS
6. Packing quantity:1000pcs/carton
11.Single Packaging Details:PE zipper bag

Chanhone Portable Cookout Camping StoveChanhone Portable Cookout Camping Stove

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