Casting Spool Reel

Casting Spool Reel

Chanhone's Casting Spool Reel is equipped with a sophisticated casting wheel design, making the casting and recovery of lines smoother and more accurate. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us and we will reply you soon.

Product Detail

Chanhone's Casting Spool Reel features a professionally designed casting reel that provides good line control and precise casting when fishing. Its release wheel design ensures smooth release of fishing line, improving efficiency and comfort during fishing. The excellent performance of the casting wheel ensures the reliability and excellent performance of Casting Spool Reel when fishing.

Chanhone Casting Spool Reel

Number of bearings: 14+1
Product color: Silver / Coffee
Product model:Metal version/ordinary version
Speed ratio: 4:0:1


Weight: 700 g

Winding capacity: 0.5 mm-240 m/0.55 mm-190 m


Weight: 700 g

Wire winding capacity: 0.55 mm-230 m/0.6 mm-185 m


Weight: 710 g

Winding thread volume: 0.6 mm-220 m/0.62 mm=190 m

Chanhone Fishing Spinning Reel

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