Mini Stainless Steel Windproof Wilderness Stove

Mini Stainless Steel Windproof Wilderness Stove

The Mini Stainless Steel Windproof Wilderness Stove is a small, stainless steel outdoor stove specifically designed for outdoor camping and adventure activities. This stove is windproof and made of stainless steel for durability and lightweight. Chanhone is a professional trading company focusing on creating one-stop service for outdoor products.

Product Detail

Mini Stainless Steel Windproof Wilderness Stove Features:

Compact Design: This stove has a compact size, making it easy to carry and store. Its compact design makes it an ideal portable cooking tool for outdoor adventures.

Made of stainless steel: Made of stainless steel, this stove has good durability and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.

Windproof function: Mini Stainless Steel Windproof Wilderness Stove has a windproof design, allowing it to still provide stable cooking results in windy environments.

Suitability: This stove is suitable for outdoor adventures, camping, hiking, and camping activities. Although small, it can meet basic cooking needs, such as boiling water, cooking food, etc.

Portability: Due to its small design and lightness, this stove is easy to carry to hiking or camping destinations and for simple outdoor cooking when needed.

Chanhone Mini Stainless Steel Windproof Wilderness Stove Properties

2.Net weight:0.446KG
3.Gas:Liquefied butane gas
4.Power: 3000W/4000BTU
5.Material: Copper, zinc, stainless steel, plastic



Whether to Accept Customization


Delivery Time

1-1000pcs :30
>5002pcs:To be negotiated


1.Supply Ability:5000PCS / month
2.Port:Ningbo, Shanghai or Other Port Negotiable
3.package size:62*42*46 cm
4.Single gross weight:0.14KG
5.Packaging Weight:37.75KGS
6. Packing quantity:250pcs/carton
7.Single Packaging Details:PE zipper bag


function:Relieve the pain of palm strain and self-press
Warm reminder: this product is an auxiliary protective device, if the case is serious, please seek medical treatment in time!

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