​What are the main styles of trekking poles currently?

- 2024-01-05-

At present, there are three main styles of trekking poles, namely two-section telescopic type, three-section telescopic type, and folding type. The folding type is further divided into three-section folding type, five-section folding type, etc. The five-section folding type makes it more compact and easy to store. This type of trekking pole We have it in our store.

Two section trekking pole

This type of trekking pole has strong stability, but it is still difficult to store after folding, which deviates from the portability of outdoor use, so it is no longer available on the market.

Three section trekking pole

Three-section trekking poles are more popular now. With the improvement of design level, the stability of three-section trekking poles is no less than that of two-section trekking poles. These trekking poles are smaller when stored and can be better packed into backpacks or suitcases. , this type of trekking pole is mainly used in hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing and other industries.

Five-section trekking pole

The five-section trekking pole is an upgraded version of the three-section trekking pole. A trekking pole of the same length can be folded smaller and is more convenient to carry. If you pay attention to high-end, then 50% off hiking poles are a good choice. We also have them in our store. Click the link above to search in the store.