Things to note when using a tent(2)

- 2024-05-06-

In the last article, we explained the precautions for using a camping tent, and today we will talk about the remaining points.

4. Avoid cooking in the Camping Tent. Smoking, high temperature and open flames are very harmful to the tent. If the outside weather is bad and it is necessary to cook in the tent, aluminum film or other insulation materials should be placed under the stove and all doors and windows of the Camping Tent should be opened.

5. When lighting the tent at night, try to avoid using candles and other unprotected open flame items as lighting props. Try to use headlamps, flashlights and tent-specific gas lamps.

6. Before going to bed, please place rock climbing equipment, ropes and other professional equipment in the corner of the Camping Tent or in the foyer in front of the inner and outer tents to prevent the Camping Tent from being hurt by stepping on these sharp objects while sleeping at night. If there is any damage, It should be repaired in time.