The locking system of a trekking pole

- 2024-06-21-

The locking system is the most critical part of a trekking pole, which directly tests the stability of a trekking pole. It is generally divided into external lock and internal lock. The external lock is generally locked by tightening the outside, while the internal lock is locked by rotating the internal components to expand and contact the inner wall.

Regarding the comparison between the external lock and the internal lock, if it is only used in an ordinary environment, the use experience of the two locks is similar, and it is difficult for users to feel it. However, in some extreme conditions, such as a desert with strong wind and sand, the internal lock is relatively weak, because the wind and sand may blow into the interior of the locking system, causing the internal lock to malfunction. It is for this reason that many mid-to-high-end trekking poles now mostly use external locks.