3 common support methods for tents

- 2021-09-10-

1. Inner support and outer cover, that is, use the bracket to prop up the inner tent, then put on the waterproof outer tent, and then fix it. This kind of support method is more convenient. Most tents adopt the support method of inner support and outer cover.

2. External support and internal hanging, that is, first prop up the external tent, and then hang the internal tent to the external tent. This kind of support method is more conducive to rain, because the inner tent hanging inside always keeps a certain distance from the outer tent, but it takes some time to support it for the first time. E225 uses this support method;

3. Supported by a single frame, and then fixed with a ground top and a draw rope. This kind of tent support environment has limitations. It must be an environment that can be nailed or tied with a rope. The tent cannot stand automatically on concrete and hard stone floors. Single pole tents and ridge tents use this support method.