Classification of camping tents

- 2021-09-17-

From the structural point of view, camping tents are mainly triangular (also known as herringbone), dome-shaped (also known as yurt type) and house-shaped (also known as family type). From the structure, it is divided into single-layer structure, double-layer structure and composite structure, and in terms of space size, it is divided into two-person, three-person and multi-person. Triangular camping tents are mostly double-layer structures, which are more complicated to build. They have good wind resistance, warmth, and rain resistance, and are suitable for mountaineering and expeditions. The dome-shaped camping tent is simple to set up, easy to carry, light in weight, and suitable for general leisure travel.

From the category point of view, camping tents mainly include: bracket type camping tent (also called ordinary tourist tent), military inflatable tourist tent (inflatable frame type camping tent), compared with general bracket tent, it is lighter, faster to erect, and the product is stable. High performance, strong shear and shunt wind, no rain, small size after folding, convenient and easy to carry. And it has the characteristics of high strength, good stability, small volume after folding, and convenient transportation and carrying.

Pay attention to when buying camping tents: general outings are light, easy to set up, and inexpensive. They are dome-shaped, weighing about 2 kilograms, and more than a single layer. Its waterproof, wind resistance, warmth and other properties are secondary, suitable for general small family travel.