The shape of the tent

- 2021-09-17-

The main poles of the dome tent are crossed and are generally located on the top of the tent to increase the pressure resistance of the top of the tent. In order to reduce the weight, a "fish spine tent" was derived that shortened one main pole.

The hexagonal tent adopts three-pole or four-pole cross support, and some adopts six-pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent. It is a common style of "alpine-type" tents.
The wedge-shaped tent makes the tent very stable through the crossing points of the poles and can support the tent from being crushed in the face of heavy wind and snow, and can adapt to the harsh plateau environment

Tunnel tents are also called "arch tents". The poles of the tents are bent and close to the ground to reduce the influence of wind. They are very stable in the wind, but the cross wind will make the tent slightly shake. Suitable for multi-person use or base camp.