Choice of sleeping bag

- 2021-09-22-

Sleeping bags are essential equipment for camping and traveling outdoors. There are many kinds of sleeping bags, suitable for different purposes, and each has its own characteristics. How should the majority of outdoor sports enthusiasts choose? According to different uses, sleeping bags are generally divided into two categories. One type of sleeping bags is thinner and used for general travel or camping. Most of these sleeping bags are used in spring, summer and autumn. There is also a type of sleeping bag used in colder environments, and even for some adventure activities. This type of sleeping bag is generally called a professional sleeping bag. Ordinary sleeping bags are relatively cheap and versatile. Professional sleeping bags are very sophisticated in design and materials, and the price is relatively high. However, if you do not need professional sleeping bags for winter camping or traveling to high altitude areas.
Any sleeping bag has a suitable temperature range for use, that is, different sleeping bags have their own "temperature scale". The general temperature scale consists of three data, a minimum temperature: refers to the lowest limit temperature of the sleeping bag, below this temperature is dangerous for the user. There is also a comfortable temperature; it refers to the ideal temperature at which the sleeping bag is most comfortable to use. The maximum temperature refers to the upper limit of the temperature range, above this temperature, the user will be too hot to bear. This temperature is only of reference significance. It will vary from person to person and from environment to environment. Generally speaking, sleeping bags made in Europe and the United States are not suitable for Asians on the temperature scale, because Europeans are more resistant to cold than Asians, so we must pay special attention when choosing.

In recent years, many advanced man-made fiber materials have been widely used in the insulation layer of sleeping bags. More and more ordinary sleeping bags and professional sleeping bags issued by the army begin to use the above materials. Although many man-made fiber manufacturers announce that their materials are better than down in the comprehensive data of weight and heat preservation, in fact, this is far from the case. Real professional sleeping bags, especially high-quality adventure sleeping bags, are inseparable from down. Generally speaking, the down content of professional sleeping bags should be more than 80%, and the down content of ordinary down sleeping bags should not be less than 70%, otherwise the compressibility, weight and warmth will not meet the requirements. The type and bulkiness of down is also a factor. In general, goose down is better than duck down. The fabric of the sleeping bag should have a little waterproof function to prevent the sleeping bag from being wetted by dew or condensation in the tent, which will affect the warmth retention effect. Of course, the air permeability is relatively more important, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable.

Sleeping bags are mainly mummified in design styles. This design has a headgear, the upper is large and the lower is small, which is in line with the humanistic shape. The side of the sleeping bag is equipped with a zipper for easy access. This design has good thermal insulation performance. In addition, there is also an envelope sleeping bag, which is not only comfortable to use, but also can be used as a quilt with all the zippers open. It can be used outdoors and at home. Professional sleeping bags are all mummified, and considering that people are most likely to feel cold during sleep, the lower part of the sleeping bag is especially thickened, and some styles also design a thicker foot pad. The head of the sleeping bag can be tightened to prevent cold wind from blowing in. There are many types of sleeping bags, but when choosing sleeping bags, it is the same as choosing other outdoor products. It is not the most expensive and the most advanced is the best. Only the most suitable for you and the outdoor sports you are engaged in is the best.