What are the characteristics of sleeping pads and sleeping bags?

- 2021-09-22-

The sleeping pad is a moisture-proof cushion, self-inflating, aluminum film or egg trough, etc. The self-inflating is small but heavier.
Sleeping bag is a kind of protective "bag" that people use for sleep. Its prototype is a blanket that can be closed with a zipper or the like. Its function is to be a substitute when people cannot carry a complete bed.

The Sleeping pad has the following three functions:
1.Anti-corruption. Since it is difficult to find a flat place when camping in the wild, the situation will be much better if the automatic inflatable cushion is used.
2.Keep warm, because the body's body is usually in direct contact with the ground when camping in the wild, so if there is a layer of automatic inflatable cushion between the body and the ground, the warmth effect will be much.

3.Moisture-proof. When camping in the wild, because the sleeping pad is waterproof, it can play a role in moisture insulation.