Packing and maintenance of outdoor sleeping bags

- 2021-09-26-

Before shrinking and packing, turn the inside of the outdoor sleeping bag out and place it in the sun. After it is clear that the inner layer is dry, recover the surface, roll it up to squeeze the outdoor sleeping bag gas, and then stretch it out again, and plug the outdoor sleeping bag from one end. Into the packing bag. In order to reduce the average value, it is possible to rotate the packing bag while applying pressure on the outdoor sleeping bag with both knees. In a wet and cold natural environment, a plastic waterproof bag should be added to the packing bag.

For the storage and storage of down sleeping bags, shrinking is not a good way, because down sleeping bags need to be inhaled. The best way to store down sleeping bags is to choose a spacious and breathable storage bag to keep it in a bulky condition. Down products should not be wet and cold. They should be placed in a dry and naturally ventilated area. After application, they should be exposed to the sun and ventilate as much as possible to maintain the dryness and bulkiness of the outdoor sleeping bag. If such standards are lacking in the suburbs, this procedure must not be omitted after returning home.