Point of Purchase of Camping Tents

- 2021-10-22-

First, before buying, you should know what you choose to choose, understand your needs, you know what Camping tents, because in the wholesale of the Zezhen tent, the type of tent is very much, the use is not - only selected Type it.

Second, after determining what Camping tent you want, it is to watch the waterproof of the tent. This is mainly in the selection, pay attention to the material of the Camping tent cloth. As far as I am hungry, the outer layer of the tent cloth will be applied to a poly amide high molecular organic substance, which is to enhance the waterproof performance of the tent.

Third, many people often pay attention to the top, but ignore the quality of the struts. - - Tent, full struts to support, so, when purchasing, you must choose high strength, and return to elasticity.