Field Tent

- 2021-10-29-

There are many ways to camping outdoors, and the wild tents are commonly used. It has wind-resistant and rainfall and anti-cold, dust-proof anti-mosquito, and blocks you out of an independent and safe personal space in the outdoor environment, and simply racks. Repeated use, there is a space to accommodate climber and its equipped.

To buy a field tent, such as the time of use, the local, inclusive number, component, and the like. Others, regardless of the single-layer tent or a double tent, you must know the waterproof and breathable of the tent.

Single-layer field tents can only be applied to low altitude, and it is necessary to ventilate, because these tents are complete waterproof. Choose a double tent, the foreign account is thoroughly waterproof, and the account is completely breathable. It can put a waterproof cloth to the bottom layer, avoid moisture to enter, stick to the bottom layer boring.