Construction and Finishing of Camping Tents

- 2021-11-06-

Various tents are different, I will first talk about the ordinary tent. First choose the camping camp, put the on-account of the tent on the ground (usually on the account, but there are some first putting the accounts in a drilling, such as Eurohike, the principle is the layer of the bill The folded bill is taken out, and the section is straightened, and it is formed into a long rod. According to the statement, the common tent is cross-wear.
The two rods are dressed. Insert each rod into the small hole on the camping tent, then two people hose the two heads of the event, put the top of the rod, let the tent to arch, - until you can put this side In the hole, after inserting, the shape of the tent became the shape of the camping tent, plugged in the intersection of the bill, you can hold this home big thing (in fact, very light) first. Then choose the direction of the door, you can fix the camping tent on the ground. Use the ground, hook the quarterly loop insertion soil, let the account expand, the whole tent is tight.
I started to hang an external account, open the book, Move on the inspiration, pay attention to the inspiring, the door of the foreign account can be in one direction, four corners are hung in the four corners of the inspiration (in the account Near the location, you can find the place where you are hanging), and some of the four corners of the foreign account are also nails near the inside of the inscribed quarter. Tight, and the on-account has not been labeled, so the next fish, the inspiring is not wet, and because of breathing, the morning account will be a layer of dew or frost, not posted, will not wet the account However, there is also a bad tent cream will be in the inspiring. In that case, get up early, the tent is going to snow, of course, it is good to be good, not to hang the account is quite comfortable.