How to Adjust the Trekking Poles

- 2021-12-28-

The general three-piece Trekking Poles must be adjusted from the two sections starting from the pointers.

When adjusting the hiking stick, you should not exceed the maximum adjustment length displayed on the climber. When you buy a hiking stick, you can do length adjustment first to determine if you buy a suitable length of the climber.

Handheld hiking stalks to adjust the length of the Trekking Poles, the arm naturally hang, with the elbow as the fulcrum, and raise the front arm to 90 °. Then adjust the tip of the climber to the ground; or place the hiking stick in the arm 5 ~ 8 cm, then adjust the tip of the stick to the ground. Packed all the rods of the climber. Another mountaineering rolclone that has not been adjusted is adjusted to the same length than the mountainee of the lock length. '
The strongest state of the three-section adjusted mountaineers is comparable to the length of the three struts, so do not extend only one of the rods when used without another one strip.

The best way to use is to adjust the other two-section extended struts to the same length, which ensures that the support strength of the climber can also increase the service life of the Trekking Poles.