How to use Trekking Poles Wristband

- 2022-01-08-

T-shaped Trekking Poles more suitable for leisure scene

IRPAR: The impact of the Trekking Poles to the hiking should be conducted to our arm by the wristband; and the thrust of the arm is transmitted to the climbing stick by the wristband, producing the help of uphill.

Therefore, when the wrist passes through the wristband, it should not be directly extended from the wristband, but should take the wristband, wear from the bottom of the wristband, press the wrist strip in the palm, then light Catch the handle, through the wrist, support the Trekking Poles, not tightly grab the handle.

If weathed from above the wristband, when falling, it is very likely to dislocate the thumb.