Trekking Poles tips:

- 2022-05-21-


1. Some friends kept the Trekking Poles when hiking, and the pose was also tired, so they held the Trekking Poles in their hands. It is that the tip of the stick is very sharp. If the pole of the stick is facing up, once the person walking behind accidentally falls forward, it is likely to be pierced by the tip of the stick and cause damage. So under any circumstances, the tip of the stick can only go down, and it is strictly forbidden;

2. In some places with slope, teammates need to pull each other. In this case, you must not use the Trekking Poles as a helping tool to let the other party pull the Trekking Poles to climb. No matter how good the climbing stick, there may be a falling off. The method of using a cane as a pulling tool is likely to cause accidents.