Spinning Spool Reel

Spinning Spool Reel

Chanhone's Spinning Spool Reel is made of wheeled material, making it more convenient to use, and is equipped with rotating wheels for enhanced use. Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

Product Detail

The precise design of Spinning Spool Reel brings excellent balance and makes fishing line handling easier. The Spinning Spool Reel combines high-quality materials with a smooth wheel swivel mechanism to ensure the reel is reliable when it comes to catching fish. Find a huge selection of Fishing Spinning Reel from China at Chanhone. Provide professional after-sales service and suitable price, and look forward to cooperation. We guarantee the quality level, so as to bring you the perfect product experience.

Chanhone Spinning Spool Reel

Number of bearings: 14+1
Product color: Silver / Coffee
Product model:Metal version/ordinary version
Speed ratio: 4:0:1

CTS 9000
Weight: 700 g
Winding capacity: 0.5 mm-240 m/0.55 mm-190 m

CTS 10000
Weight: 700 g
Wire winding capacity: 0.55 mm-230 m/0.6 mm-185 m

CTI 12000
Weight: 710 g
Winding thread volume: 0.6 mm-220 m/0.62 mm=190 m

Chanhone Fishing Spinning Reel

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