Waterproof Army Tent

Waterproof Army Tent

Explore the CHANHONE® Waterproof Army Tent – designed for individual use with a compact size of 240100110CM. This double-layer tent, supported by durable aluminum rods, features nylon fabric for resilience. The tent's base is crafted from PE material, ensuring reliability. Embraced in camouflage, weighing 1830g, and boasting a waterproof coefficient exceeding 3000mm, it is ideal for diverse scenarios such as mountaineering, fishing, waterproof needs, ultralight expeditions, windproof conditions, cold weather, wilderness survival, adventurous outings, and picnics. Experience versatility and durability in one compact tent for your outdoor pursuits!

Product Detail

As a prominent Chinese manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, Chanhone leads the industry in producing top-notch Waterproof Army Tents. Our commitment to delivering products of impeccable quality at the right price has garnered satisfaction from numerous customers. What sets us apart is our dedication to extreme design, utilization of quality raw materials, high performance, and maintaining a competitive price point – attributes that every customer seeks. We understand that not only the product but also excellent after-sales service is crucial. If you have an interest in our Folding Outdoor Camping Tents Military Waterproof Army Tents, feel free to reach out to us for consultation. We assure you a timely response and a commitment to providing the information you seek. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Chanhone Waterproof Army Tent Properties

1.Tent Type: 1 people
3.Tent structure: double layer tent
4.Pole material: Aluminum rods
5.Fabric: Nylon Fabric
6.Bottom Material:PE
7.Color: Camouflage
8.Weight: 1830 (g)
9.Space structure: one bedroom
10.Waterproof coefficient: Greater than 3000mm
28.Applicable scenario: mountaineering, fishing, waterproof, ultra-light, windproof, cold, wilderness survival, adventure, picnic.



Whether to Accept Customization


You can rest assured to buy Waterproof Army Tent from our factory. Expect a seamless supply with our impressive annual production capability of 10,000 pieces. The convenience continues with flexible port options, including Ningbo, Shanghai, or other negotiable ports. When it comes to packaging, envision compactness with a package size of 45x40x60cm, ensuring easy handling. Each carton holds 6pcs, with a total packing gross weight of 13kg. Delight in the meticulous packaging details – each tent is snugly placed in an Oxford fabric carry bag, and six of these neatly organized in a carton. Your satisfaction, from supply to handling, is our priority.

Chanhone Folding Outdoor Camping Tents Military Army TentChanhone Folding Outdoor Camping Tents Military Army TentChanhone Folding Outdoor Camping Tents Military Army TentChanhone Folding Outdoor Camping Tents Military Army TentChanhone Folding Outdoor Camping Tents Military Army Tent

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