Windproof Multi-Fuel Wilderness Stove

Windproof Multi-Fuel Wilderness Stove

Chanhone's Windproof Multi-Fuel Wilderness Stove is a stove designed for outdoor adventure and wilderness survival. This stove comes with a variety of functions and features that make it a reliable cooking solution in harsh weather conditions.

Product Detail

Features of Windproof Multi-Fuel Wilderness Stove:

Multi-fuel compatibility: This stove is designed to run on multiple types of fuel, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane, butane, firewood, etc. This multi-fuel adaptability allows users to select the appropriate fuel type based on their environment and resources.

Windproof design: The stove is windproof and adopts a special design and structure to ensure stable combustion even in strong winds, ensuring cooking efficiency and safety.

Durability and Stability: This stove is made of durable materials that can withstand the challenges of harsh outdoor environments and different terrains. Its stability ensures safe use even on uneven ground.

Portability: Although it may be relatively large, this type of stove is designed to be portable and easy to carry around. They may be disassembled or folded for easy storage in a backpack or gear.

Suitable for wilderness environments: This type of stove is often used for wilderness survival, adventure activities, long-distance hiking or camping, providing outdoor enthusiasts with the ability to cook food.

Versatility: This type of stove is capable of performing multiple cooking tasks such as boiling water, cooking food, baking, etc.

Considering its characteristics specifically designed for wilderness adventures, the Windproof Multi-Fuel Wilderness Stove is often favored by outdoor enthusiasts, climbers and people who need to survive in the wild environment for a long time. When choosing this type of stove, it is recommended to consider factors such as fuel compatibility, windproof performance, stability and durability to meet the needs of outdoor environments.

Chanhone Windproof Multi-Fuel Wilderness Stove Properties

Product Name:Outdoor camping gas stove
Product material: stainless steel
Product weight: 250 G
Whether to fold: Yes
Product packaging: plastic box storage
Use power: 3500 W
Scope of use: camping, travel, hiking and many other outdoor sports



Whether to Accept Customization


Delivery Time

1-1000 pcs :30
1000-5000 pcs: 60
>5004 pcs: To be negotiated


1.Supply Ability:5000PCS / month
2.Port: Ningbo, Shanghai or Other Port Negotiable
3.package size:62*42*46 cm
4.Single gross weight: 0.027KG
5.Packaging Weight: 26 KGS
6. Packing quantity: 1000 pcs/carton
9.Single Packaging Details:PE zipper bag


function:Professional thumb fixing guard. Wrist fixed support protection
application scenarios:
Badminton, basketball, tennis

Warm reminder: this product is an auxiliary protective device, if the case is serious, please seek medical treatment in time!

Chanhone Multi Fuel Windproof Outdoor Camping Portable Gas Stove

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